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Name:Displaced Souls
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Displaced Souls @ Dreamwidth
Displaced Souls is a community for people in plural systems who share the subjective experience of being 'exiled from another world' and would like to try and create a new life whilst adjusting to the new (and sometimes disconcerting) experience. Examples include people from historical or futuristic cultures, people from cultures different to their 'presenting self's' and non-human system-members.

  • We accept all sorts of systems: DID/trauma-based, soulbonders, non-medical, gateway, median etc. Don't attack systems because of how they conceptualise their origins.
  • Don't criticise other systems for how they view their subjective experiences; some see them as spiritual whilst other see them as a product of their brain.
  • No racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, disablist or otherwise bigoted comments will be allowed.
  • Disagreement is all right; flaming and trolling are not.
  • No accusing other systems of being 'fake' because their experiences are different to yours.
  • Don't discuss posts in this community without the original poster's permission.
  • Whilst we're not interested in policing people's grammar and spelling, please try to avoid excessive use of chatspeak as it can be difficult for some people to read.

    For the privacy of our community members all new memberships will need to be approved by the moderators (currently, members of [personal profile] plures. Posts will be locked so only members can see them.
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